Food, Beverage & Agriculture



Food and agriculture has a well-cultivated value chain that includes growers and producers, suppliers, manufacturers (food processors and beverage companies), wholesalers and distributors. Together, these companies apply inspiration and innovation to produce abundant nourishment efficiently while still maintaining ecological sustainability and company profitability.

Though the rewards are great, companies often find this industry tough to navigate. Food and agriculture intersects so many interdisciplinary fields—including government regulation, trade, finance and foreign policy. It also contends with fickle consumers as well as nearly every single “-ology” (e.g., biology, geology, climatology, etc.)This means food and agricultural companies (and the lawyers they hire) must be able to think systematically to anticipate important challenges and opportunities, assess risk, and deliver creative solutions under pressure.

Attorneys at Dressler Peters bring deep industry knowledge of the food and agriculture industry. We offer significant, real-world experience in production agriculture, AgTech, food processing and distribution, and packaged consumer goods. And we apply it to address a full range of issues–from family businesses structure and operations to succession planning to farmland trust administration.


  • Food Processor Agreements
  • Beverage Companies and Bottling Contracts
  • Exclusive Manufacturing Agreements
  • Co-Packers Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Growers and Producers Negotiations
  • Wholesalers and Distributors Liability Shifting
  • Corporate & Business Transactions
  • Farm Succession Planning
  • Bankruptcies and Workouts

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