Commercial Litigation



Our litigation attorneys are skilled trial attorneys who achieve difficult wins in complex cases. While we love to take things through a verdict and are successful against the largest opponents, we understand that litigation can have a huge impact on your business. Our legal, business and technical experience helps us to see the big picture, and we counsel clients on the likelihood of various outcomes to help them make informed decisions about expending resources (both in time and money) to pursue or defend a case.When it is time to act, we are savvy and tough, leveraging our firm’s deep trial and litigation experience and access to advanced technology and research tools. As such, we’re a perfect fit for clients looking for a staunch advocate in their corner and an effectively modernized approach to legal matters.

  • Asset Financing and Recovery
    • Bank vs. Bank Litigation Lien Prioritization
    • Asset Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy Law Disputes
  • Business Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Complex Mortgage Fraud
  • Contract and Enforcement
  • Construction
  • Corporate Matters
    • Limited Liability Company Agreements
    • Ownership Disputes
    • Corporate Shareholder Derivative Actions
    • Dissolutions (“Corporate Divorces”)
  • Employment
    • Separation Agreements
  • Intellectual property
    • Trademark Infringement
  • Breach of Non-Circumvention Agreements
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Insurance

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