Technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace. Through distributed communication platforms, talented and creative designers, developers and inventors have more access now to other technologies and talent. This makes it easier to develop a genius solution and gain traction to disrupt a once successful incumbent company or established way of doing things.

As money and talent flow into innovative companies, entrepreneurs and investors must think strategically about their how their company is structured, when investments are taken, and how intellectual property is protected. These decisions will affect companies’ ability to scale up, to commercialize IP, to attract future funding and to grow or successfully launch a new idea or “exit” the business.

The lawyers at Dressler Peters understand that speed, adaptability, and in-depth knowledge are paramount, and we bring this to bear when protecting our clients’ intellectual property and drafting and negotiating technology transactions and licenses.


  • Trademark Prosecution and Enforcement
  • Designer, Developer, Inventor IP Assignment Agreements
  • Copyrights Prosecution and Enforcement
  • Trade Secret Procedures
  • IP Licensing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements

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